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The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Jun 29, 2018

Had a nice time speaking with a friend of the show, Jacob Puzey.  Jacob now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife Amy along with their 6 children.  He offers online coaching services through Peak Run Performance and is the race director for the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series - a 25 race trail running series...

Jun 21, 2018

Gordy Ainsleigh on Western States wtih Michelle Barton and Doug Malewicki.

Jun 15, 2018

Courtney Dauwalter and Jim Rebenack Interviews.

Jun 9, 2018

Episode 46 of the Training For Ultra Podcast is an inspirational one. The 7 Year Journey - Michael Owen is a story of patience. A story on looking at the positives and staying motivated. A story of being so close to your goal and continuing forward until you reach them. It's a story that is just starting.

Here is a link...