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The Training For Ultra Podcast

May 29, 2018

Full interview of elite ultra runner, Ida Nilsson.  She is fresh off winning Transvalcania (for the 3rd time!) and just won Zegama.  Truly talented runner and enjoyed speaking with her.

Training For Ultra Gear


May 21, 2018

Had a great conversation with Tyler Sigl, fresh off his Ultra Race of Champions 100K (UROC100) win and in his first ever podcast interview.  Also had a awesome discussion with Hayden Hawks and Mario Mendoza about the Penyagolosa Trails Ultra where Hayden who the won the 60K MIM and Mario took 6th overall in the Trail...

May 15, 2018

Episode 43 - Full interview of the founder and CEO of SufferFest Beer, Caitlin Landesberg.  Take a few minutes to catch up with Yiou Wang (while she runs and hikes).  Hear from two great runners on how their weekend races went with Anna Mae Flynn and Amy Leedham.  Happy training!

Training For Ultra Gear!

May 9, 2018

Joined by author and ultra runner, Cory Reese.  Checkout his books Nowhere Near First and new upcoming book Into The Furnace.  Also discuss cross-training w/ Michelle Barton.  Fun to have Ben on the show to discuss his 100 mile dreams.


Training For Ultra Gear

May 3, 2018

Had a great time focusing on Avery Collins the elite runner, but we do discuss the somewhat controversial topic of his cannabis use outside of racing.  Also fun to hear from Dave Braunlich and his thoughts before attempting his thru-hike of the 485 mile Colorado Trail.

Avery Collins Coaching: