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The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Jul 25, 2018

Episode 53 - A resource for you.  This episode we speak with the founder and CEO of Hammer Nutrition, Brian Frank about all things fueling and hydration. Truly hope this episode gives you one or two tips you can use during race day! Also, big congrats to Dave Braunlich on finishing his epic thru-hike of the Colorado...

Jul 17, 2018

It was an honor to have David Roche on the podcast, one of the top coaches in ultra running. We went over some of the basics of training for an ultra and I look forward to having him on future episodes, he’s a great guy! Also, we catch up with Dave Braunlich as he updates us on his journey on the Colorado Trail.

Jul 13, 2018

Great hearing some of the untold stories of running with Dean Karnazes and Michelle Barton.  Hear a race recap from Michelle on Sinister7 and my own recap of the Leadville Silver King. Lastly, Dave Braunlich gives us an update on his epic 500+ mile thru-hike of the Colorado Trail.

Training For Ultra Gear

Jul 3, 2018

Truly fun episode with Chris Mocko.  Nice to hear how well his training and outlook are these days!  Hear about his Leadville Marathon win and how he feels into the Silver Rush 50 miler and Leadville 100 miler.  Also hear from T4U athlete, Dave Braunlich, as he prepares to leave for a 530 mile journey on the Colorado...