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The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Jul 22, 2019

Great hearing from Joshua Stevens (IG @tumbleweedultra) about some of his background along with his epic experience at Badwater 135 and his win of the Badwater Ultra Cup.  Also great to hear from Crystal Seaver (IG @crystalseaver) before her attempt at the Squamish 50/50.

Training For Ultra Audiobook on Audible!

Jul 18, 2019

Catching Up with Dion Leonard and Dave Braunlich!  Always great to hear from these two!

Dion's new book:

Training For Ultra Audiobook on Audible!

Jul 10, 2019

Fun episode with Matt Daniels, Hayden Hawks and Joshua Stevens all about the 2019 Western States and how Hayden and Joshua crewed and paced Matt Daniels to a 4th place finish in his very first 100 miler.

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Recap

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